This is incredibly exciting for anyone living in or around the Orlando area as today SeaWorld have introduced a brand new transferrable annual pass.

This transferrable pass essentially allows you to take somebody different with you every single day you travel to the park, meaning essentially this one pass could cover you and your friends and family so long as you just travel with one guest at a time on separate days.

Manta at SeaWorld Orlando

Of course with anything like this it does always sound a little too good to be true… In order to take advantage of this new transferrable pass you will need to first purchase a normal annual pass for SeaWorld Orlando and at the same time purchase a secondary transferrable pass.

An annual pass comes at around $168 whereas the second, transferrable pass is currently priced at $208 so isn’t cheap.

Still, if you know plenty of people that enjoy SeaWorld and always get an annual pass, this is a no brainer and could be a scheme that brings in some much needed additional guests into the park.

Of course, while it would be fantastic for the likes of Universal Orlando and Walt Disney World to introduce a similar annual pass system, it is unlikely given the fact that these resorts aren’t struggling to attract guests into the park.

Unfortunately, SeaWorld are still struggling due to Blackfish and the constant negative press hitting the company.

I will be visiting SeaWorld again in just a couple of weeks and can’t wait to ride Mako for the first time. I also think this transferrable annual pass is a stroke of genius and would certainly consider it if I lived in the Orlando area.

Is this something that will get you and your family/friends back to the park, let us know in the comments below!