According to a Japanese news report, Universal Studios Japan are set to spend a whopping $350 million on a Nintendo Land in their Japanese park that will open in time for the 2020 Olympic Games that are due to open in Tokyo.

According to the news report by Yahoo, the new Nintendo Land will be focussed initially on Mario and will be located just inside the park gates where currently the space is mostly utilised for events.

This hasn’t been confirmed at all officially by Universal just yet so take everything with a pinch of salt but the announcement would make sense given the partnership agreement between Universal and Nintendo last year and the fact that Nintendo is a Japanese company, it makes sense to start the relationship there!

Whether this rumour is true or not is neither here or there, I would expect to see Universal announce something official very soon regarding exactly what their partnership with Nintendo is going to mean for its theme parks across the world. As mentioned before,  I wouldn’t be surprised if the space that Universal just bought in Orlando was to be focussed on Nintendo.

What are your thoughts on these rumours?