Join us for our 29th episode of the Theme Park Trader podcast!

Show notes:

This week we are joined by Emily who discusses her Disneyland Paris trips, the guest post she wrote for us on Star Wars and joins us for this weeks news! You can find Emily on Twitter and over on her blog, Hollywood and Lime

The news this week includes:

Universal Planning a New Harry Potter Attraction to replace Dragon Challenge?

We kick of the podcast this week  by discussing a couple of rumours that we believe to be somewhat related. The first comes from Universal filing a brand new patent that seems to hint at the beginning of a new Harry Potter attraction (that write-up here). Following on from this we chat through my post from earlier in the week where I scoured the web to find a lot of talk and rumours around the potential of Dragon Challenge closing at Islands of Adventure.

Give this section a listen to and let us know what you think is likely to happen at Universal!

Toothsome Chocolate Emporium Soft Opens at Universal’s CityWalk

We chat through the soft opening of Toothsome Chocolate and run through the menu items that we have seen crop up so far. I also somehow end up singing a rendition of the Oompa Loompa song which must be heard to be believed.

Guy Fieri Working with Planet Hollywood on New Menu

Dan, Emily and I then move on to discuss the news that Guy Fieri is working on the burger and sandwich menu at Planet Hollywood and Emily explains why she thinks Guy doesn’t know how to put cheese on a burger properly. More on the partnership between Guy and Planet Hollywood here.

Wreck-It Ralph Attraction Coming to Magic Kingdom?

More rumours circulating but this is the business we are in! Rumours are that a new Wreck-It Ralph attraction will eventually replace Stitch’s Great Escape at Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom. There is lots of talk going round at the moment that Tomorrowland will be receiving a significant update in time for the Magic Kingdom’s 50th birthday in 2021. It would seem that this Wreck-it Ralph attraction could be a part of this update! More on this in my blog post here.

Star Wars at Disneyland Paris

To end this weeks podcast Emily chats through her recent blog post she wrote for us on the rise of Star Wars at Disneyland Paris and what her thoughts on it all are. Dan and I chip in on our thoughts too! You can check out Emily’s great post here.

If you enjoyed this weeks podcast, have ideas for future shows or have any questions about any of the stories then feel free to leave us a comment below!