Join us for our 21st episode of the Theme Park Trader Podcast!

Show notes:

Popcorn refill offer at Walt Disney World

Dan and I start things off this week by discussing a limited time deal that Disney are offering on popcorn until September 01st. We chat through the pros and the cons of the deal as well as the costs.

More on this deal here.

Pete’s Dragon Preview at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

We chat through the Pete’s Dragon sneak preview that is now at the One Man’s Dream attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. While on paper this sounds great, Dan and I discuss why we don’t like the idea as it takes away from the whole purpose of the attraction.

More on the sneak peek here.

Rollercoaster Crash at Scotland

The next story is a sensitive one and we chat through the terrible accident that occurred at the M&D’s theme park in Scotland last week as a coaster was derailed and several people injured.

More on this story here.

Star Wars Dessert Party Moves Indoors

Dan and I talk through the reasons why the Star Wars Dessert Party is moving inside towards the middle of July.

More on the Star Wars Dessert Party move.

Walking Dead Attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood

We chat through the brand new attraction that opens today at Universal Studios Hollywood. You can check it out in full below:

Guardians of the Galaxy Coming to Epcot?

We chat through the very odd rumour that Guardians of the Galaxy could be replacing Ellen’s Energy Adventure at Epcot. While nothing has formally been announced as of yet but you can read more on the rumour in our blog post.

Best and Worst Attractions at Islands of Adventure

This week Dan and I talk through our best and worst attractions at Islands of Adventure and its another interesting one that ends in a bit of a rant (Ryan losing his temper) on  why Poseidon’s Fury is still at the park.

If you enjoyed this weeks podcast, have ideas for future shows or have any questions about any of the stories then feel free to leave us a comment below! Oh and if you agree or disagree with our lists, we would love to know!