Beginning on December 23rd, four more Magic Kingdom restaurants will begin serving alcohol. This move comes four years after Be Our Guest Restaurant became the first at the park to serve any form of alcoholic beverage at the park.

The four restaurants that will now offer alcohol are:

  • Tony’s Town Square
  • Cinderella’s Royal Table
  • Skipper Canteen
  • Liberty Tree Tavern

Tony's Town Square Restaurant Interior

Tony’s Town Square Restaurant

While this will come as welcome news to some park guests, for many this spoils the original intentions of Walt Disney  who didn’t want alcohol to be served at Disneyland or indeed the Magic Kingdom before it opened.

Disney has said that each location will be introducing beers and wines that add to the overall restaurant experience and that it will only be served with lunch and dinner.

As an example, Liberty Tree Tavern will be selling New England ciders, lagers and domestic wines and Cinderella’s Royal Table will serve champagne and sparkling wines.

While I am a great fan of drinking while at Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom was the one park I actually agreed with the limited sales of alcohol. That being said, Disney has stated that it is just the five restaurants (if you include Be Our Guest) that will serve alcohol, there will be no pop-up bars of any kind anytime soon.

I am certainly on the fence with this one, I wouldn’t want to see Epcot drunks (it happens during Food & Wine especially) wandering around Magic Kingdom but then if alcohol is being kept within these restaurant walls and only being served with food, I cant see this becoming a problem.

What are your thoughts on more alcohol at the Magic Kingdom?