As we have mentioned before on the podcast, moving forwards on TPT we don’t want to be covering the same news as everyone else. We will push forward with our podcast, we are working on a potential live show in the background and have more guides and some other very exciting things on the way.

That being said, we want to share our opinions with you guys when there is something to talk about. The sad state of Walt Disney World’s Monorail system is one of them.

Yesterday Monorail Lime had its doors come off, causing hours of delays for guests wishing to travel using the Monorail system and raising yet more concerns on why Disney have sat back and done nothing to improve a system which many guests (myself included) think is an accident waiting to happen. This is just one in a series of incidents over the past few years that have been plaguing the Monorail system at Walt Disney World.

Fortunately nobody was injured yesterday.

There have been rumours that doors coming off were as a result of a electronic wheelchair ramming them. Whether this is true or not is irrelevant, doors should not be in a state where a guest could come close to breaking them.

So why haven’t Disney done anything to resolve this issue? Again, rumours have surfaced that Disney has ordered a new fleet of Monorails to arrive on property in time for the 50th celebrations of the resort in 2021 but if that is the case and Monorails are causing problems on a regular basis, why hasn’t Disney announced anything officially?

Both Dan and I were on the Monorails just last month and while fortunately our journey was relatively smooth, the state of the interior of the Monorails is not something I was happy with. This coming from someone that really does stand up for a lot of what Disney does and as you know, I am a huge fan of the Walt Disney World Resort.

Outside of the potential accidents that could occur as a result of these ageing Monorails, it is just sad to see such an incredible transportation system (once thought as the flagship for the Walt Disney World Resort) get left in such a sad state.

Also, why is it right that Disney continues to increase ticket prices while leaving the system in this state?

So join us in putting pressure on an organisation that makes billions of dollars a year, many of which come from its theme parks, in investing and officially announcing a brand new fleet of vehicles for its Monorail loop.

I think we can all agree it is needed.

Leave your opinions on the monorail system at Walt Disney World in the comments below and we will read and reply to all of them.