Good new Mission Space fans! The attraction will reopen on August 13th at Epcot with something new for both Orange and Green teams!

Orange Team Updates

Team Orange is getting a brand new HD video on the attraction meaning that the adventure to Mars is going to look better than ever before.

Green Team Updates

Never has Green Team been this exciting… A brand new adventure arrives for the less intense side of Mission Space where guests will travel on an orbit around Earth. This new your will highlight some of the wonders of Earth including the Northern Lights, the “boot of Italy” and the Hawaiian Islands.

Mission Space exterior at Epcot

The tour ends with a landing at the famous Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

The adventure for Green Team has also been upgraded to be more family friendly with the introduction of X-2 booster seats. This allows kids 40-44

We are super excited to see Mission Space again when it reopens in August!