Beginning in April, park guests will be able to meet Joy and Sadness from the Disney Pixar film, Inside Out.

Both characters will be found in Epcot’s Character Spot in Future World. Guests will travel through Riley’s long-term memory and will gain insight to her Islands of Personality before meeting Joy and Sadness and the central console.

Joy and Sadness from Inside Out at Epcot

I like what Epcot are doing with the Character Spot with Baymax also in the area alongside Mickey, Minnie and Goofy.

What is a surprise and a bit of a disappointment is that Disney only focussed on Joy and Sadness here, it would have been fantastic to see the entire character set of emotions including Anger, Fear and Disgust. While Disney will of course get queues of people wanting to meet Joy and Sadness (as the main stars of the movie) I think more could have been made of this.

Still, a new character meet and greet that isn’t Frozen related gets a big thumbs up from me and I am looking forward to meeting them both when I am next in Epcot!

Will you be going to grab a picture with Joy and Sadness?