It looks like Walt Disney World may soon be playing catch-up to the kind of security we have seen at Disneyland Paris for years.

Rumours are pointing towards new metal detectors being introduced at all theme parks on property that would require all guests to go through.

Walt Disney World security car outside of Epcot

In addition to this, it is also rumoured that Disney are going to be introducing baggage scanners at resorts that guests will be required to go through before checking into the hotel.

With congestion at the Magic Kingdom entrance likely to be the worst hit from this change, it has been noted that metal detectors could be introduced at the transportation and ticket center for all guests coming from the parking lot or from other Disney parks.

That would therefore mean that guests coming in on Disney Busses would go through the detectors outside of the main entrance.

It is not clear at this stage how Disney are going to separate the two groups as they enter the park.

While these changes are going to lengthen the time it takes to get into your hotel or theme park, remember that Disney are doing this to keep guests safe, not to cause annoyance!

Although I am not a fan of it taking longer to get into the park, I don’t mind waiting if it means an increase in park safety, here is hoping it doesn’t take away from the magic too much.

What are your thoughts on these potential increases to security?