We were in Disney’s Animal Kingdom when news echoed out across the park that the park and all parks and Disney Springs would be closing at 5pm. Disney also announced that the entire resort is on lockdown tomorrow with no park open to the public.

We managed to get a meal in at Yak and Yeti and Disney’s Animal Kingdom and then left early to hit the supermarket to get supplies for tomorrow. Unfortunately these plans were scuppered when we discovered the busyness of the roads. Back at the hotel we popped into the Saratoga Springs lobby area to pick-up a few supplies and were met with this line:

The bits we didn’t record were the masses of people grabbing everything they could from shelves, fridges and freezers. Honestly, just like you see in the movies when something terrible happens, not fun.

Disney are also charging guests for everything, including $12.99 for a lunch meal. In all honesty I think this is extortionate given the fact guests have no choice but to stay on property. In my mind Disney should be handing out basic food supplies for free.

For now, this is where I will leave it, we have been told not to leave our rooms until tomorrow afternoon at the earliest. Stay safe Orlando, if I can I will be Tweeting from my personal account during the evening and tomorrow.