UPDATE: Paint the Night is remaining at Disneyland and will be showing select nights during the holidays. This leaves Walt Disney World with no nighttime parade from October 9th though I am sure we will see an announcement from Disney soon! No word on whether Paint the Night will leave for WDW after the holidays…

Disney has just announced that on October 9th 2016, the Main Street Electrical Parade will be ending its long run at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.

Main Street Electrical Parade

When it ends at WDW it will be moving to Disneyland for what Disney are calling a “limited-time encore engagement”. To be fair, this doesn’t mean too much as the Main Street Electrical Parade was only supposed to be at Walt Disney World for a short time and has been there for around six years!

Last week I reported that Disneyland’s Paint the Night nighttime parade was closing and that rumours were circulating that it would be moving to Walt Disney World. While Disney hasn’t yet confirmed this rumour, all the signs are still pointing in that direction.It would seem surprising for Disney not to have a nighttime parade at the Magic Kingdom. While  some people are saying that SpectroMagic could make a comeback, I see this as unlikely considering in 2013 Disney announced the parade had been “permanently retired”.

It is a great shame to see this parade go, here’s hoping we get something bigger and better!