When Disney announced that Hotel New York was being transformed into Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel, we suspected it might be a while before we see it happen. Turns out, we were right…

While Disneyland Paris is enjoying Marvel’s Summer of Super Heroes next Summer at the resort, work in transforming Hotel New York will only begin next year (around October time).

What we know is the Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel will then be ready at some point in 2020, our guess is just ahead of the busy summer period.

Other than that, little is known of the new hotel outside of the quote from Bob Chapek back in July:

Either way, we are always happy to see Disneyland Paris get some love and we suspect that this is only the start of the transformations coming to DLP now that Disney fully owns the resort. Expect to see more Marvel (including attractions) announced in the near future.