After nearly 12 years at the Hyperion Theater (opening in late 2002) Disney have announced that the award winning Aladdin Musical will be closing in January 2016 and will be replaced with an all new Frozen themed musical.

While it isn’t unusual for Disney to replace ageing attractions with something new, the closure of the Aladdin musical has come as a bit of a shock to many park guests, many who think that the show is one of the best productions in any Disney theme park. The Genie in particular is a real crowd pleaser and has kept guests laughing with constantly changing jokes (to stay up to date with current affairs) since 2002.

What seems to be making matters worse for some guests is that Disney are replacing the show with a Frozen musical. While I am a huge fan of the movie and am one of the few that is looking forward to seeing what the new Norway Pavilion in Epcot looks like when it opens in 2016, the Disneyland Resort already has two Frozen attractions, including a Sing Along Musical!

According to Disney:

“Our stage production of ‘Frozen’ will stay true to the heart and soul of the film. Anna and Elsa will carry the audience on an emotional journey that includes show-stopping production numbers and a few unique theatrical twists.”

There are some guests in the comments of other sites that are incredibly angry about this move by Disney and are stating that this is Disney flogging a dead horse and milking Frozen for all its worth while they still can.

While I think these comments are a little harsh, I think Disney are going to have to pull out all of the stops to ensure that this production of Frozen is worthy of replacing the fan favourite that is Aladdin.

What do you think about Disney replacing Aladdin with a Frozen musical? Let us know in the comments below!