If Flights of Wonder is one of your favourite shows at Walt Disney World and you were hoping to see it earlier this month you would have been disappointed to turn up and find that the attraction was still closed.

Although it was due to reopen after refurbishment on March 28th after closing on January 25th, Disney pushed back the opening to continue to install the brand new permanent roof.

Flights Of Wonder

While it is fantastic to see Disney giving this attraction the time it needs for a full refurbishment, this is another delayed opening of an attraction at Animal Kingdom after Disney announced the delay in nighttime attractions including Rivers of Light.

Although the official reopening of this attraction is April 18th, I have seen reports of some people seeing soft openings happening.

I will be honest at say it isn’t a show I will see every trip, I haven’t seen it in a number of years, are you looking forward to watching Flights of Wonder again?