Disney have announced that over the next dew days they will be testing what they are calling, Premium Parking at the Ticket and Transportation Center at the Magic Kingdom and at the Epcot Parking Lot.

So what does this mean?

Well, guests at the Magic Kingdom that want to pay an extra $15 on top of the existing $20 fee will be able to park in a special parking lot with a shorter walk to the monorail and ferry boat terminals. Premium parking at Epcot will save you up to 10 minutes (more like 5) from walking from your car to the front of the park.

In my opinion, this all just sounds a bit mental, if you are too lazy to walk the extra 5-10 minutes from your car then god help you when you are walking round the theme park all day. Disney already offer disabled spots so that isn’t even coming into the equation here.

This just seems like another way for Disney to grab additional money from guests without actually providing much value. Still, if some people want to pay the additional $15 to park that little bit closer, more fool them!

Of course at this stage this is just a test so we shall see what happens, what are your thoughts on Premium Parking at Walt Disney World?

UPDATE – Your feedback!

So I posed the question – would you pay $35 for parking at Walt Disney World? Needless to say, nobody said yes!