This was a rumour that I have reported on several times after the last few months, especially after the confirmation of Star Wars and Toy Story expansions that are coming to Hollywood Studios.  It would seem that Disney have finally confirmed that after 20 years, the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights will close forever after this years celebrations end on January 3 2016.

While this is a real shame as the lights have formed the main part of holiday celebrations at Disney’s Hollywood Studios for the last 20 years, it is understandable to see Disney wanting to move onto new attractions. Streets of America (the area that houses the lights) is largely sat as a walkthrough to other areas of the park for much of the year.

The biggest shame here is that I identified in an earlier post that it was possible for Disney to include both the new Toy Story and Star Wars expansions without closing a single attraction at the park, it would appear that Disney have not chosen this option (for reasons unknown at this stage) and this must, in my opinion, lead onto other closures in the park. Expect to see more attraction closure announcements in the near future with Lights, Motors, Action being at the top of the list at this stage simply due to the positioning right in the middle of both where the Toy Story and Star Wars expansions are expected to happen.

While it is a great shame to see the Spectacle of Dancing Lights close over 20 years, you still have from November 6 to January 3 to enjoy them one last time. I will be heading along to Disney’s Hollywood Studios to see them for the first and last time!

Here is the show from 2014:

This week has been a week full of questionable announcements from Disney with the closure of the Aladdin musical and now this, let us know what you think of the retirement of the lights in the comments below.