At the D23 Destination D event at the weekend, Disney Parks Chairman Bob Chapek announced that Epcot would be receiving some pretty major changes in the coming years…

spaceship earth on a cloudy day in epcot

Chapek said that the park was to see a “major transformation” in the next couple of years in order to become “more Disney, timeless, relevant and family-friendly” while keeping the original vision of the park.

Chapek went on to say that he had been challenging his creative team to “dream big” and that the results of this challenge are going to prove very exciting for fans of the park.

Unfortunately,  this is all the information we have at this stage but my wishlist is as followed:

  • An additional country (or two) added to World Showcase
  • More cultural attractions added to World Showcase
  • A complete overhaul to Future World

I know these are pretty vague but Dan and I will be discussing our thoughts on this in detail in this weeks podcast so be sure to check out the episode on Monday!