The awesome guys over at WDW News Today noticed that Disney were conducting a survey that revealed that a potential Star Wars hotel experience is in the works at Walt Disney World.

Lets breakdown what information is included in the survey:

It appears this will be a hotel like experience set onboard a spaceship from the Star Wars Universe. Experiences would centre around a 2 night experience that would include:

  • A 2 day story set inside the Star Wars Universe
  • Personal interactions with Star Wars characters
  • Live performers throughout the 2 day stay
  • The choice in either experiencing the story with the characters over the 2 days or just observing (important for us UK visitors and those that)
  • Story may include flight training, ship exploration, lightsaber training and other secret missions both in the spaceship and within Star Wars Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios
  • All meals included during the 2 night stay including buffet breakfasts, lunches, & signature evening meals and dinner show
  • Exclusive entry to Star Wars Land (rumoured to be just 1 of the 2 days)
  • Onboard Cantina access included within the spaceship
  • Droid butlers
  • Pool & fitness area and water garden

Check out some of the concept art that WDW News Today managed to get hold of:

All of this sounds far too good to be true right? Wait until you see the rumoured price point, $900-$1000 per guest for the 2 day experience!

Would I pay it if the experience can deliver on all it promises to do? Yes, 1000 times yes. Even though I am not a fan of interacting with experiences like this, just being able to live through an experience such as sleeping on a spaceship and walking into a less busy Cantina with droid butlers, I am sold.

Just How Likely is This?

While at this stage everything should be taken with a pinch of salt, the concept art in the survey does appear to back-up that this is at least something that Disney are seriously considering.

On top of that, considering the money that Disney would make from this storytelling hotel experience, they would be mad not to!

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