Disney have confirmed that Zuri’s Sweets will officially be opening June 17 in Harambe Market in Disney’s Animal Kingdom and will be featuring over 80 new treats for guests to enjoy!

Many items on sale are set to be unique to the area, giving guest a real reason to visit the new location. Of course as this new location is going to be found within Harambe Market, guests can expect flavours directly inspired by Africa itself. Some of the treats that will be available include:

  • Animal crackers
  • Mini chocolate crocodiles
  • Lollipops shaped like Simba’s paw
  • Rice Krispie treats shaped to look like animals
  • Chocolate-dipped coconut patties
  • African spiced popcorn
  • Gourmet cocoa set
  • African spice rub

Zuri's Sweet Shop Simba Chocolate Crocodiles-  Disney's Animal Kingdom

A five bar pack of chocolate is also to going to be on sales. The flavours of each chocolate bar are:

  • Dark chocolate
  • Milk chocolate
  • Milk chocolate coconut and mango
  • Dark chocolate sea salt
  • Milk chocolate spicy cinnamon banana crisp

Also set to be included is a barbecue sauce inspired by the Flame Tree Barbecue restaurant in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. This is great as it means that guests can take home a bottle or two of the sauce to enjoy at home as another memory of visiting the Disney Parks!

I for one can’t wait to try out some of the new sweet treats on offer when Zuri’s opens later this month!