Disney have today announced something that many of us have been expecting for quite some time, a new way to purchase tickets to Walt Disney World.

On October 16th, the Walt Disney World website will relaunch with a new vacation planning tool that will allow guests to select date-based tickets with a lot more personalisation to make it easier than ever to book a trip.

Heres an idea on what to expect in October:

The biggest news here is that Disney are finally releasing date-based pricing with days where Disney expect crowds to be quieter. While this is a nice idea in theory, it is going to result in there being even less of a seasonality in the parks than there is now. Expect crowds to increase in traditionally quieter times of the year.

In addition to this, part of me thinks that this is really Disney coming up with the most creative way as possible to increase ticket prices for the parks but hey, maybe I am being a bit of a pessimist.

Here’s Disney’s official line on the changes:

As our parks have increased in popularity, there are more and more guests who wish to experience our world-class attractions. Introducing date-based tickets and pricing will allow us to better distribute attendance throughout the year so that we can continue to improve and deliver a great experience

Here’s a bit more detail:

We are yet to see whether or not this has any impact on UK pricing, at this stage we would suspect not.

What do you think of these changes?