This morning Disney debuted the new welcome show at the Magic Kingdom. Announced just before Christmas, the new welcome show takes guests away from the front of the park and instead invites everyone to the Castle Forecourt stage right in front of Cinderella Castle.

It also means that guests are able to enjoy Main Street USA before the park officially opens and gets everyone safely into the park rather than all bunched together before entry.

The new show isn’t perhaps as visual as seeing the characters step off from the train but it is still great to see so many characters present in one place before the park has even opened.

The Fairy Godmother also joins the proceedings to add a bit of magic as she helps Mickey and the gang open the park from the castle balcony.

The new show can be seen below:

Although I don’t think the new show has the same amount of energy as the show in front of the park, it is missing a song or two for sure. That being said, it still does a great job at getting guests excited for the day ahead at the Magic Kingdom. It is also great not to see Anna and Elsa for a change though am a bit disappointed not to see Stitch!

What are your thoughts on the new Magic Kingdom Welcome Show?