Even though the TRON attraction at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World is still several years away (the attraction is expected to open shortly before the 50th anniversary in 2021), Disney has already announced some temporary closures…

Walt Disney World Railroad

Disneyland Railroad

The famous circle tour around the Magic Kingdom will be closing from December of this year for an undisclosed period of time while work on getting TRON ready gets underway. All is not lost during this time though, Disney have stated that the train will setup residence at the Main Street USA station for a special guest photoshoot during the downtime.

The fact that Disney hasn’t stated an expected reopening for the Railroad, combined with this photo opportunity to me suggests that the closure is going to be for quite some time. More news as we hear it.

Tomorrowland Speedway

Though a surprise to many that this attraction wasn’t replaced with the upcoming TRON coaster, Disney has announced a short closure while the track is adjusted to get ready for TRON. Though exact dates haven’t been given, Disney have stated the attraction will close in 2019 and reopen again in the Summer of 2019, this seems to suggest a very early closure next year.

Fans of the Speedway will be pleased to hear the attraction is staying exactly the same, despite the track adjustments.

What’s interesting in this release is that Disney didn’t refer to TRON as the same name as it’s Shanghai counterpart, TRON Lightcycle Power Run, seemingly suggesting a name change before the opening in 2021.