Universal Orlando have launched a new brand of Duff Beer in time for the launch of Halloween Horror Nights and Oktoberfest.

The new Duff Beer is named Dufftoberfest and has clearly been named after the world famous Oktoberfest that occurs in Germany (but is celebrated all over the world) in October.

Dufftoberfest duff beer glass at Universal Orlando


Image credit Insidethemagic.net

This actually marks the first addition to the beers at Springfield since the area opened in 2013 and even if this is just a seasonal addition (which I suspect it is) it is great to see Universal adding more beverages to the existing list that is served by Moe’s Tavern and the Duff Beer Garden.

Despite being a Walt Disney World fan through and through, I have a lot of time for Universal Orlando and over the past few years they have really moved away from what I thought was a bit of an ageing park to introduce new attractions that really engage with some of the newer brands and partnerships that they have made. I love Springfield and any new addition to this area is a welcome change from me!

So are you interested in trying out the Dufftoberfest beer? Let us know in the comments below!