We all knew it would happen eventually, when Disney does something Universal tends to follow eventually…

Universal Orlando February 2016 Ticket Price Increase

The breakdown is as follows

  • One day – $105
  • One day park hopper – $155 (increase from $147)
  • Two day base ticket – $169.99 (increase from $149.99)
  • Two day park hopper – $219.99 (increase from $194.99)
  • Three day base ticket – $179.99 (increase from $159.99)
  • Three day park hopper – $229.99 (increase from $204.99)

Whether Magic Kingdom has these prices or not is irrelevant in my opinion, these increases are huge and in most cases are an increase of around $20! There is no reason that Universal needs to increase prices by this much in my opinion, we have a single new experience opening this year.

I know that Universal has a lot of costs to think about but the parks are hugely profitable and it would have only been positive for the brand to come out and say there would be no price increases this year. Even a small increase would have been okay, $20 seems a bit ludicrous!

What do you think of these price increases?