In an exclusive story with Variety (which you can find here) Universal’s company executives announced some fairly big plans for Universal Studios Hollywood that will bring about a whole host of new attractions to the park.

Universal Studios Hollywood is already busy with the introduction of The Walking Dead Attraction that is due to open next month, having only recently opened their very own Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

According to the article, Universal are going to be removing around 13 stages from the lot, around the northwest side to make room for theme park expansions. This will result in a gain of around 11,000 square feet for future attractions, sounds good!

While at this stage Universal haven’t revealed their plans for the expansion, the fact that this is going to take them five years is a sure sign that something big is on the way.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see further Harry Potter additions here but that’s just me, we shall see what happens. The other thing on the horizon could be the introduction of Nintendo based attractions, we still haven’t seen Universal capitalise on this partnership in their US parks.

What attractions would you like to see at Universal Studios Hollywood?