Dan and I have been talking about this rumour for months on the podcast but it would seem that this rumour is getting more press as the weeks and months go ahead. It is finally time to put our thoughts down on the site!

Though we all know the Disney rumour mill can simply consist of people making stuff up a lot of the time, sometimes you get a rumour that fits, is backed up by multiple sources and just sounds like something that Disney would do. The Tron coaster is one of those rumours and here’s why.

Walt Disney World Celebrates Being 50 in 2021

Though we have only just celebrated 45 years of Walt Disney World, plans are obviously underway behind the scenes in getting something big planned in for the 50th.

Rumours circulating right now point to huge expansions at both Epcot and Magic Kingdom with Tomorrowland being a focus. Both of these make sense given the large Pandora expansion just about to open at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and both Star Wars and Toy Story Lands in progress at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Though Tomorrowland is certainly one of my favourite lands at Magic Kingdom, it does need a bit of a refresh and rumours also point to a brand new Wreck-It Ralph attraction and an update to the Carousel of Progress.

Disney are working on a Tron Reboot

Rather than working on a direct sequel, Disney are looking to reboot the entire franchise and reportedly looking at Jared Leto to star in the new movie. Given that we know this is happening, it makes sense to represent the new franchise in the parks.

The Attraction Already Exists

While it isn’t going to save Disney lots of money, the fact that the attraction already exists in Shanghai means that this should be relatively straightforward to port across.

Lifting attractions from other Disney parks has worked really well for Walt Disney World in the past (Soarin’ being a prime example). This will give Walt Disney World one of Shanghai’s most exciting attractions.

Tomorrowland Speedway Feels Dated

Though I am a huge fan of the Tomorrowland Speedway, fuel guzzling cars just don’t feel that they fit that well into the space anymore. The ultra futuristic style of Tron would fit perfectly into the space currently occupied by the Speedway and really make Tomorrowland stand out to those entering from that side of the park.

TRON Lightcycle Power Run

Magic Kingdom Could Benefit from a More Thrilling Attraction

What are families really losing if the Tomorrowland Speedway were to close? The majority of attractions at Magic Kingdom would still be family focused and I really don’t see this attraction taking away from the magic.

The only thing that I would perhaps say is that this attraction could arguably fit just as well (maybe even better) into Epcot’s Future World.

What are your thoughts, would you be onboard with a Tron Coaster in place of the Tomorrowland Speedway?