Okay so while I would usually put rumour in front of any post like this, I am seeing enough supporting evidence to suggest that this is true. If you add everything that has happened over the past few weeks together then it makes a lot of sense.

So story goes that Disney are going to be adding a bar (serving alcohol just to be clear) into the Tower of Terror attraction. According to some sources, work will begin almost immediately and the bar will be located just after you step off the attraction but before the gift shop begins, rumours also point to the new bar serving speciality Tower of Terror drinks!

This move (if true) makes a lot of sense to me, Disney has lost a few prime locations where park guests can pick up an alcoholic beverage in the park with the closure of Streets of America (High Octane Refreshments being a personal favourite of mine). Disney need a way of serving alcoholic beverages to the masses and a themed Tower of Tower bar could well be the answer, especially if the Writer’s Stop staying open is just a temporary solution.

While I can’t quite see in my head how a bar would work in the area between the attraction exit and the gift shop, I for one would welcome a themed bar, what are your thoughts?