Disney are opening a brand new signature dining restaurant at Animal Kingdom later this summer that will focus on dishes that have been inspired  by the creators of Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

This new 252 seat restaurant will be opening in the middle of the park in Discovery Island and will be open for both lunch and dinner daily.


Emily O’Brien of Disney Imagineering had this to say on the new restaurant:

All the senses are explored and turned into amazing works of art. The galleries, or dining rooms, focus on Asia [Trek Gallery with 74 seats] and Africa [Safari Gallery with 64 seats], and the third [Grand Gallery with 114 seats] pays homage to animal species that the Disney Conservation Fund works to protect.

What I thought was really interesting was that Emily also mentioned that Tiffins wasn’t a ‘make believe’ place and that it was very much focused on the real travels and adventures that inspired the creation of Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Not much has been mentioned on what to expect from the menu just yet but I am all for another signature dining option at Disney’s Animal Kingdom!