It is safe to say that Stitch’s Great Escape is not a fan favourite at Walt Disney World, far from it in fact.

While we don’t have confirmation that the attraction is closing, it does appear that we are getting a temporary replacement…

Twitter user @1Ben_Laurence spotted this slight change in the signage the other day:

It would appear that Stitch will be taking up residence and meeting guests, with rumours pointing towards an opening date sometime next week.

Though we don’t have confirmation, it would be nice to meet other Aliens from the franchise including Pleakley, Jumba, Captain Gantu and Angel.

As soon as we hear more on this we will share it, I am in WDW next week so I may be able to see the opening of this first hand.

It isn’t clear whether this means that Stitch’s Great Escape will be gone, this very much seems to be a temporary arrangement.