The Stave Church located right in the middle of Epcot’s Norway Pavilion is going to be closing for just over a month from April 18th, reopening on May 27th. Up until this point the Stave Church has been home to an exhibit inspired by the Frozen movie and to be honest I don’t expect this to change with the refurbishment.

Stave Church at the Epcot Norway Pavilion

Now considering we all know that the Frozen Ever After attraction is just around the corner and many rumours have been pointing towards May, it would make a lot of sense for the attraction to be opening at the same time as the reopening of Stave Church. At the very least I would say that if Frozen Ever After isn’t opening on the 27th of May it will be opening very close to the date.

Despite my huge love for Maelstrom, I am looking forward to Frozen Ever After so long as Disney use this as an opportunity to stop putting Frozen into every other part of the parks!

What do you think, will Frozen Ever After be opening on May 27th?