After being down a while for refurbishment, SeaWorld Orlando just reopened Journey to Atlantis. Though you might expect a whole host of new improvements, instead the ride has had many elements removed from the attraction. Apparently this is all in a bid to make the attraction more family friendly, lets take a look at what has been removed.

Journey to Atlantis exterior at SeaWorld Orlando

No More Evil Mermaids

Before the changes you had mermaids who were acting nice before turning on guests with their evil looks. Now SeaWorld have replaced the evil mermaid effects with gentle music and although some of the mermaids are still there, they are no longer evil.


Before heading up the main chain lift Medusa’s eyes used to glow green after a flash of lightning. Medusa is still there but without both the glowing eyes and lightning effect.

Leaving So Soon?

The classic line (at least in my family) that we would always repeat after riding this attraction, has also been removed alongside more evil mermaid voices from the end of the attraction.

Overall, I am not sure this makes the attraction anymore family friendly, kids are still going to be scared by looking up at the structure and the drop!  In fact, if anything they have removed some of the best parts of the ride, what do you think of these changes?