This weekend Universal introduced the Raptor Encounter at Islands of Adventure. Of course this comes just in time for the theatrical release of Jurassic World.

In this experience guests can meet a Raptor face to face and even take photos and selfies with it. The experience itself is housed between Camp Jurassic and the Jurassic Park Discovery Center and features a jungle enclosure with noises and a 10,000 volt fence covered with warning signs.

It would seem that the raptors themselves look to be a combination of puppet and somebody actually operating the suit from the inside, makes sense as the person in the suit can actually judge the guests he/she is with and react accordingly.

Park guests are free to go right up to the raptor and pose for a photo by a gap in the fence. Be warned though, the gap works both ways and the raptor can come through too!

Check out some of the action from this experience below:

This looks like a fantastic experience and something that is well worth a visit. While not quite up to the movie standards, the raptor looks incredible and is sure to scare both young and old alike!

What do you think of this new experience, are you brave enough to give it a go and take a selfie with a raptor? We would love to see photos of any selfies you manage to get!