As we just celebrated the 20th anniversary of Disney’s Animal Kingdom I thought it would  be fun to do a bit of a throwback to the 15th anniversary of the park with this weeks Pin Profile.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom 15th Anniversary Featuring Flik & Hopper

  • Edition size – Limited but unknown how many
  • Original price $16.95
  • Original release – 22nd April 2013

This pin was part of a limited release boxed series that included many other characters from attractions around the park (more of these will undoubtably make  their way onto Pin Profiles in the future).

It features Flik and Hopper from A Bug’s Life, both also featuring in the It’s Tough to be a Bug attraction in the park. You can also see the Tree of Life in the background of the pin,

Here’s a couple of closeups of the front and back of the pin:

Let me know what you think of the pin in the comments below and don’t forget to check out some of our other Pin Profile posts! Also don’t forget to check out our special 20th anniversary of Disney’s Animal Kingdom podcast!