From next Wednesday (August 16th) Downtown Disney in Disneyland are adjusting the way that parking works so that the free 2 hour parking has to be validated in order to be used…

Starbucks at Downtown Disney at the Disneyland Resort

Guests will now have to make a purchase of at least $20 and get validation from any Downtown Disney location in order to be able to take advantage of the 2 hour ‘free’ parking offer.

Validation differs slightly if you are visiting a table service restaurant or AMC Theaters where the 2 hour slot rises to 4 hours. The minimum $20 remains.

The hourly parking rate of $12 remains in place for those staying beyond the 2 hours or not purchasing anything above $20. It should be noted that the daily figure to remain in the car park all day is rising by $12 from $36 to $48.

I do think these changes are a little cheeky and Disney are clearly just looking to make a quick buck from guests.

Here’s hoping this change doesn’t get picked up by Disney Springs in Walt Disney World!