This is a question I asked myself when Disney first announced that Disney’s Animal Kingdom would be getting Pandora – The World of Avatar, how on earth would it fit into the overall values of the park?

Our favourite Imagineer Joe Rohde has recorded a video explaining just how seriously Disney are taking Animal Kingdom’s message and how Pandora will continue this. To be clear, these values are:

  • Intrinsic value of nature
  • Transformation through adventure
  • Personal call to action

A key quote from this video from Joe:

Every event that happens that happens on Pandora, every animal you see, every plant you see, the things that happen to you those are all tied to real things on Planet Earth. So you can learn about issues and events on Earth from the things you see and experience on Pandora.

This is incredibly encouraging and I am really happy that Disney are keeping the core values of Disney’s Animal Kingdom through the expansion of Pandora – The World of Avatar.

Joe goes onto say there will be more videos from him and the team closer to Pandoras opening so I will be sure to share them as soon as they become available.