We are getting incredibly close to the beginning of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando and we finally have another house announcement!

Seeds of Extinction is an original house coming to the 2018 event at Universal Orlando and takes place on an earth where humans have become extinct and plants have taken over.

Here’s the official synopsis from Universal Orlando:

In this original story, a cataclysmic meteor has struck Earth, causing humans to become extinct, and something monstrous to take root. The virulent growth has swept across the planet, covering everything and choking out civilization within moments, creating a tableau of what once was. What appears to be a lush and green graveyard hides the most terrifying and hungry meat eaters. Predatory plants of all species use strangling vines, razor-sharp thorns, and poisonous pollens to encroach from all sides as you invade this new world.

Here’s the announcement video:

I love the idea of this house as the ‘monsters’ featured  are very different to most of the more traditional monsters we see at Halloween Horror Nights.

A reminder that the event begins on September 14th and that we still have more House announcements to come!