For those of you that missed it, a few days ago one of the Monorail trains (Monorail Red to be precise) suffered a malfunction, with doors opening halfway between the Magic Kingdom and Epcot parks.

A video for those of you that missed it:

The Monorail system has long been a topic of conversation on DisTwitter with many complaining (often rightfully so) that the current trains and system are outdated and in desperate need of attention.

With Disney rejecting offers from the likes of Siemens in purchasing a whole new fleet of vehicles, the question has to be asked of Disney, what is being done to make sure that guests riding the flagship transportation system of Walt Disney World are safe?

Right now it seems Disney are simply glossing over the issues. The quick fix has been to put stickers into the Monorail trains (see image below) and temporarily take Monorail Red out of the loop for a quick repair job.

The fact of the matter is, the entire system needs extensive refurbishment to ensure guest safety and this incredible way of travelling around the Resort remains a staple for the years ahead.

What are your thoughts on the Monorail transportation system at Walt Disney World?