Now while part of me didn’t want to publish this as I don’t like spoiling things that aren’t quite finished yet. However, I couldn’t resist publishing photos that have seemingly been leaked by someone within Disney of the new Frozen Ever After attraction at Epcot.

The first photo seems to be just before the journey down towards the end of the attraction and looks to feature  Marshmallow and projected Snowgies.

Leaked Frozen Ever After Photo Marshmallow and some projected Snowgies

The second photo (although a lot blurrier) is my personal favourite and seems to show off the same technology that was used in the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train attraction:


This looks to be one of the trolls from the movie and if my memory of Maelstrom serves me correctly, is much earlier on in the attraction.

Although the attraction clearly still needs a bit of work before its rumoured June opening, I can’t wait to see the final attraction when it opens!

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