It’s become a bit of an obsession for many Disney fans to try and get new IP into Disney’s Animal Kingdom after Avatar entered the park with Pandora – The World of Avatar back in 2017.

There’s been a real mix of opinion, with fans wanting to see either Indiana Jones, Zootopia and Wakanda enter Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Tree of Life at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Well, the former Imagineer and man that was the driving force behind the creation and evolution of Disney’s Animal Kingdom has weighed in on Black Panther and Wakanda joining the park:

I can’t say I disagree with Joe here. Disney’s Animal Kingdom is about animals in nature and conservation, Black Panther and the location of Wakanda is about advancing human technology.

Avatar works because of the conservation story that is being driven in attractions Navi River Journey and Flight of Passage. I for one hope that the Disney executives keep to the original vision of Disney’s Animal Kingdom now that Joe has left the company and we don’t see what is happening to EPCOT. The last thing Animal Kingdom needs is a huge injection of IP.

What are your thoughts on Wakanda coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom? Let us know below!