With still no word on when work will come to a conclusion on Downtown Disney and when we will officially see the name change to Disney Springs (other than the rather ominous 2016), it is encouraging to see regular updates from Disney as to the progress and new additions that are going to be opening in the future.

I had the chance to see progress last month and since my last visit in October last year I was amazed at just how much work had been done in such a short space of time. The BOATHOUSE restaurant in particular looks absolutely stunning and the launch of one of the Amphicars draws quite a crowd.

Image of the front of The BOATHOUSE  restaurantThe BOATHOUSE ship store shop

Of course like any other new Walt Disney World restaurant, finding a table is near impossible but that’s a separate blog post entirely…

Indiana Jones Themed Bar

So onto this new announcement, Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar. Fans of the Indiana Jones movies will of course recognize the name as the pilot friend of Indy himself. This essentially means we are going to be getting an Indiana Jones Bar at Downtown Disney!

Disney themselves state to expect to see a lot of references to Indy himself with pictures, posters and even menu items that relate back to the franchise.

The bar itself is going to  be aviation focused and will come fitted with propeller ceiling fans and a diving bell “booth”.

Concept art of interior at Jock Lindsey's Hanger Bar

Elements from the menu have been revealed already and look to include the “Rolling Boulder Meatballs” and “Air Pirates Everything Pretzels” with house-made mustard and beer cheese fondue.

The Indiana Jones Offering Fans Wanted?

Don’t get me wrong, an Indiana Jones themed bar sounds incredible and something I can most certainly get onboard with but I would have gone with something that fans can relate to from the movies themselves. How awesome would Marion’s Bar had been from Raiders of the Lost Ark, or better yet a dinner and dance show hosted in Club Obi Wan from Temple of Doom. I just feel that Disney have missed a bit of a trick with this one.

Although we only have a taster of a couple of the menu items that are going to be on offer I will be incredibly disappointed if we don’t see edible, toned down versions of monkey brains, beverages served in a Holy Grail and of course, eyeball soup.

Of course a lot of fans are asking, where is the Cantina from Star Wars? I have a feeling we may know the answer to that very soon as Disney look to announce plans on exactly what is going on at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

So is this what you expected from an Indiana Jones themed bar? Let us know in the comments if you would like to see things done any differently or already think this sounds like a great idea!

Source – Disney Parks Blog