With Star Wars just a month and a half away now, promotion of the movie is really kicking off with talk show hosts getting as many of the actors to appear on their shows, trailers firing off, commercials promoting Star Wars merchandise and J.J. Abrams answering questions on all things Star Wars.

J.J. Abrams Answers Star Wars Questions

Vanity Fair recently managed to spend some time with J.J. Abrams and asked a number of fans/celebrities to send in Star Wars questions for him to answer. Obviously the majority of these are joking around the subject with questions like:

Will you finally bring back Jar Jar Binks? – Ted Sarandos, Content Acquisition at Netflix

JJ what does it feel like to be you? – Lena Dunham

The video is still fantastic to watch and can be seen below:

Harrison Ford Dresses as a hot dog and kind of answers Star Wars questions

Not only did Jimmy Kimmel reveal a Star Wars special coming later this month with several actors from the upcoming Force Awakens movie but he also interviewed actor Harrison Ford (everyone’s favourite smuggler) and tried to sneak in a few Star Wars questions along the way. For those wondering about the hot dog outfit, it was Halloween!

Check out the video below:

So that’s all things Star Wars for this week, unless of course you still haven’t seen the new trailer which is below:

Never need an excuse to re-watch the trailer if you have already seen it!