It has been known for quite some time that the House of Blues at Downtown Disney would be closing and moving to a brand new location at the nearby GardenWalk center. While the official reason for this has always been that the new location is bigger and therefore able to expand on the current guest capacity of the venue, it is likely that Disney also had a hand in this move.

For years the types of acts that could be booked at the venue were limited and could be vetoed by Disney if they weren’t family friendly so it would seem that this location also gives the House of Blues the chance to book whatever acts they want while still keeping close proximity to Disneyland and enjoying the revenue from the nearby parks.

The current House of Blues Location in Downtown Disney will play its last show on May 31st with the brand new location in GardenWalk opening a few weeks later.

As of yet, Disney hasn’t announced what will be replacing House of Blues at Downtown Disney but I guess the question here is, will you be attending shows at the new location in GardenWalk?