With the opening of Volcano Bay getting ever closer (May 25th for those still in the dark), Universal Orlando has begun to drip feed information on what to expect from the brand new TapuTapu technology.

If you missed our earlier post on what TapuTapu is,  Universal is aiming to get rid of the long lines that can occur at theme parks by giving out a TapuTapu wearable to each guest. The device will allow guests to tap a symbol to wait in a virtual line with the wearable letting guests know when it is time to ride. Guests can do what is supposed to be done at a water park, have fun and relax.

Here’s how it works:

Still wondering what the final design for TapuTapu looks like, wonder no further!

TapuTapu wearable device

It is unclear at this stage whether Universal will allow guests the ability to purchase their TapuTapu device at the end of the day or whether more colours outside of blue will be offered. I suspect these are things being considered for future TapuTapu releases.

Although not quite hitting the complexities of Disney’s MagicBand, TapuTapu does look like a fairly impressive device and one that if implemented well enough, could really improve a day at Volcano Bay in making a visit to water park a lot more enjoyable.

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