So over the past few months I have purposely avoided talking about the rumour that Guardians of the Galaxy was set to takeover the Tower of Terror attraction at Disneyland in California. I am not one for necessarily avoiding talk about rumours, this one just seemed so far-fetched that it wasn’t worth the time spent in covering.

It does however appear that this rumour might in fact be true and that the Guardians will be making their way to the park in the near future. While nothing has been confirmed by Disney as of yet, several sites are reporting stories that this is happening.


While nobody can seem to get the actual redesign of the attraction nailed (some saying it will be focussed on The Collector and others insisting it will be based on the Prison breakout scene), all are in agreement in that this change comes directly from Disney Parks Chairman Bob Chapek as he wants to see more of a Marvel presence in the park and was apparently shocked that after 5 years of owning Marvel Disney had done next to nothing to secure attractions in the parks it was able to.

According to, when executives learnt that somebody had leaked the rumour of a Guardians of the Galaxy takeover of Tower of Terror, there was a lot of anger shown and cast members working on the attraction were immediately told to tell inquisitive guests not to believe rumours created on the internet and to await news from the official Disney Parks blog.

Right now it would seem that the plan is to turn Tower of Terror into a Guardians of the Galaxy attraction and build what is being called a “Marvel mega-coaster” into the northern end of Hollywood where Stage 17 and 12 currently are.

As much as I feel it would be a great shame to lose such an iconic attraction from the park, lets not forget that Tower of Terror exists in other Disney parks including Disney’s Hollywood Studios and the Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris. It makes sense for Disney to create a large Marvel area in Disneyland considering the restrictions they have in Florida thanks to the contract that Universal has.

How do you feel about this rumour, would you be interested in seeing Guardians of the Galaxy takeover Tower of Terror?