Take this with a huge pinch of salt at this stage but it is now rumoured that we could soon be seeing Ellen’s energy Adventure within the Universe of Energy close and be replaced with a yet to be announced Guardians of the Galaxy attraction.

While part of me is excited about the prospect of this, no Marvel related rumours are yet to come to fruition at Walt Disney World.

In terms of the contract that Universal has with Marvel, I don’t think that this would break the contract due to the obscurity of the Guardians characters (at least they were obscure when the original contract was created).

I absolutely love Ellen’s Energy Adventure and have been riding it ever since the refresh of Universe of Energy opened in 1996 however I would argue that now is time to update the attraction so I wouldn’t be against the idea.

Guardians of the Galaxy is by far my favourite Marvel movie to date so I would love to see an attraction at Walt Disney World I am just not sure it fits into the overall message that Future World at Epcot tries to put across to guests.

The rumour, first reported on Blog Mickey has no facts backing it up at this stage, so as I said, take this with a pinch of salt.

Would you welcome Guardians of the Galaxy at the Universe of Energy? Let us know in the comments below!