Though the rumours have been flying around for well over a year that the attraction that was set to replace Ellen’s Energy Adventure was going to be a coaster (remember those permits?), we now have confirmation.

The Vice President of Epcot, Melissa Valiquette, confirmed that the attraction is a coaster to members of the media at the Epcot 35 celebration yesterday.

The old Universe of Energy building will form the queue area where guests will filter through to a new building where the ride will be housed.

Disney are saying this coaster will be the first of its kind but unfortunately that is all the detail we have at this time!

Though I am sure some Epcot fans will be saddened by this news, I cannot wait to see what Disney does with Guardians of the Galaxy in this attraction and I am over the moon that this is going to be a roller coaster!

What are your thoughts?