Disney has shown off the very first look at the brand new bar coming to Disney’s BoardWalk, AbracadaBar:

AbracadaBar interior

AbracadaBar magic wall

Now obviously the main theme of the bar is magic and Disney has released a little bit on the background of the bar:

As the story goes, this little lounge was a former stomping ground for the famous magicians, boardwalk illusionists, and lovely magician’s assistants of the Golden Age. After a show, prestidigitators would gather to “conjure” up new cocktails, swap magic tips and tricks, and stay up all night attempting to “out-charm” each other with their extraordinary illusions. According to BoardWalk lore, it was on just such an evening that every single magician in the lounge vanished into thin air, and was never seen again

According to Disney although the magicians disappeared many years ago, the magic still exists at AbracadaBar and can be seen all around the bar and tasted inside the signature cocktails.

This bar sounds really interesting and Disney seem to be putting a lot of effort into the themeing and story, could this be Walt Disney World’s next Jock Lindsay’s?