Join us for episode 14 of the Theme Park Trader podcast!

Show Notes:

The Incredible Hulk Coaster Refurbishment

As Universal Orlando announced full details on the Hulk Coaster refurbishment earlier this week, Dan and I go through our thoughts on the new look and feel of the coaster as well as discussing what we think of the new story and ride car.

Rant of the week – Queuing

In this weeks rant of the week Dan and I go into detail about what it is we don’t like about queuing before talking about some of the things we do like. We also each go through our top 3 queues to wait in line for and with that comes our worst 3!

If you have ones that you hate and ones that you love then please share them with us in the comments below!

Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland Shanghai

Dan and I go through what we think of the below ride through video and why we think it could be one of Disney’s best attractions to date:

Tron Lightcycle Power Run at Shanghai Disneyland

We discuss our thoughts on perhaps what is our second most anticipated attraction at Shanghai, Tron Lightcycle Power Run. You can watch a video of the attraction in full below:

Johnny Depp Surprises Fans at Disneyland

This week Disneyland showcased a video of Johnny Depp showing up (pretty much) at Disneyland to surprise guests dressed as The Mad Hatter to help promote Alice Through The Looking Glass. Dan and I discuss our thoughts to the stunt and what more could have been done, the video can be found below:

Disney Announces an End to Disney Dollars

Last week Disney announced that circulation of Disney Dollars would be ending (this has already happened on May 14th) and Dan and I discuss our thoughts on the history of Disney Dollars and whether or not we think Disney made the right choice here.

More on Disney Dollars ending circulation can be found here.

Disney Ends Disney Infinity

This news was very sad at least for me to hear as I have pretty much all of the existing Disney Infinity characters that have been released so far. Dan and I go through our thoughts on why we think Disney has made this decision and what we feel is next for Disney Gaming.

More on this news story here.

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