Huge news for fans of Figment (I am a huge fan) as both him and the Dreamfinder are set to return later this year in a new Disney Kingdoms comic series! In case you have been on a tropical island for the last year, the series will follow the successful release of last year where readers discovered the origins of Figment and how the Dreamfinder created him! In case you missed the original run of comics you can still download them from the likes of comiXology or in hardback format,  Disney Kingdoms recently released a hardbound book of all five-issues.

I would thoroughly recommend the first series, it is a fantastic read and the artwork is simply stunning.

“Figment 2” will be written by Jim Zub and penciled by Ramon Bachs and will continue the adventures already started in the first series as Dreamfinder and Figment find themselves in the modern world.

So are you looking forward to the new adventures with Figment and Dreamfinder?