With the 25th anniversary fast approaching, Disneyland Paris has decided that it is time to update the annual pass structure.

Dalmatians topiary at Disneyland Paris


First of all, lets look at how the current structure looks:

  • Classic – 200 days at the parks for €135
  • Fantasy – 320 days at the parks for €179
  • Dream – 365 days at the parks for €223

The new system not only changes the name of the annual passes but also adds an additional fourth option:

  • Discovery – 150 days for €139
  • Magic Flex – 300 days for €189
  • Magic Plus – 350 days for €249
  • Infinity – 365 days for €399

This new annual pass system comes into play from March 29th 2017 and does not include parking. Adding parking to the price will add a further €40.

Those thinking that the price increases for this seem a little steep should try getting an annual pass to Disneyland over in California. The increases here seem more than reasonable to me!

Those wanting a bit more of a breakdown… the Infinity tier (which is the most expensive) works out at around €1.09 per day of possible use or €33.25 per month.

ED92 have more on the breakdown of discounts and what each tier grants you, you can view their great post here.

Will you be purchasing an annual pass for Disneyland Paris in 2017? We would love to hear from you in the comments below!